Manhunt 3 needs to be Rockstar's next big revival.

So I downloaded Manhunt 1 on an impulse on PSN and I've been playing through the game for the first time. Right now I'm really enjoying the game although the controls aren't that great. Even when the game was released the strafing controls would've felt really dated I'm sure.

It's amusing to see how tame the gore is in the game though. Especially because of how much the gore was a hot issue when the game was being released.


I played a little of the 2nd game on my PC while I miss the original game's tone, the better gore and subtle gameplay improvements felt nice.

But I instantly noticed how much the series has in common with The Last of Us.

Which made me start to think how great a new game would be. There's so much potential.


And seeing how Brian Cox probably isn't returning maybe the 3rd game needs James Woods has the new voice in "your' head.

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